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Cardioline Microtel Wireless EKG/ECG Machine w/ Interpretation Software
Cardioline Microtel Wireless EKG/ECG Machine

Price: $1,995.00
Warranty: 2 Years
Manufacturer: Cardioline

Product Code: MICROTEL

Item Information

The Cardioline Microtel ECG machine is a7-12 lead ECG acquirer fitted with a display and keyboard, the basic version of which can acquire and transmit an ECG trace in analogue format to a remote PC via sound coupling. The Microtel can act as a PC based real time wireless ECG/EKG machine or as a standalone unit with internal memory. Perfect for the hospital professional on the move or remote medicine, this unit is handheld for easy usage and transportation.

  • Interpretation with real time Bluetooth connection, If ekg stored in ekg machine and downloaded then interpretation will not be displayed
  • Standard and/or rechargeable AA batteries.
  • System display that allows at least 1 ECG channel to be monitored.
  • Functional keyboard for recording operations and sending ECG tests.
  • Minimized alpha-numeric keyboard for entering patient data (disabled in the basic product)
  • Ability to simultaneously acquire and store 12 standard leads acquired from a 10 wire cable, or 7 leads (6 peripheral + 1 precordial) acquired from a 5 wire cable.
  • Manage ECG test in SCP format with storage of up to 40 ECGs.
  • Leads: 12 Standard Leads
  • Sampling: 500 samples per second at 11 bit sensitivity.
  • Input Dynamics: 300 mV @ 0 Hz. 5 mV in pass band
  • Frequency Response: 0.05 / 150 Hz (-3dB)
  • Input Impedance: > 100 Mohm
  • Common Mode Rejection: > 100 M? on each electrode
  • Time Constant: 3.3 seconds
  • Battery: 4 ultra or rechargeable NiMH AA batteries (at least 2500 mAh), 340 mA.
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
Cardioline Microtel Wireless ECG Machine & EKG Machine With Interpretation Software

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