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LW Scientific DM on Pneu Flex Arm DM 10X / 30X
LW Scientific DM on Pneu Flex Arm

Price: $732.00
Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship / 1 Year Electronics
Manufacturer: LW Scientific

Product Code: DMM-S13N-PA77

Item Information

*LW Scientific works exclusively through another company into the veterinary industry, therefore this product cannot be sold to Veterinary Practices, Humane Societies or Zoos.

The DM Dual Mag stereoscope together with the Pnue (new) Flex Arm is a symbol of functionality and ingenuity, allowing vertical, horizontal, and complete 360 adjustments. This versatile system gives you control of your space and the knowledge that your scope is secure. The DM's large optics produce increased width, working distance and depth of focus. The included 0.5 supplementary lens doubles your field of view, expands your magnification options, and extends your working distance for hands-under work space. The recommended 48-bulb LED ring light focuses bright, cool, shadow-free daylight illumination directly onto your work. The DM is the best quality dual-magnification scope in the dental, electronic, and industrial markets.

One DM on Pneu Flex Arm.
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Acid and reagent resistant finish
  • HEAD:
  • Binocular, dual mag 10/30
  • Inclined 45, rotates 360
  • 10X/20 WF eyepieces
  • 30mm eye tube diameter
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment 55-75mm
  • Optional 5X, 15X, and 20X eyepieces
  • 1X/2X, 1X/3X, or 2X/4X paired objectives
  • 0.5X supplementary lens included
  • Protective lens available
  • Rack & pinion focusing
  • Tension adjustment on pneumatic horizontal arm
  • Adjustable-width c-clamp for mounting to a bench
  • Optional screw-down table flange for direct bench mount
  • Ambient bench light may be sufficient
  • Optional ring lights offer shadow-free illumination and are highly recommended
  • DM Head: 2.6lbs (2.54kg)
  • Pneumatic Arm: 13.89lbs (6.3kg)
  • Maximum Radius: 14.96'' (380mm)
  • Minimum Radius: 10.83'' (275mm)
LW Scientific DM on Pneu Flex Arm

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