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Motic AE2000 Inverted Halogen Binocular Microscope
Motic AE2000 Inverted Halogen Binocular Microscope

Price: $2,060.00
Sale Price: $2,045.00
Warranty: 5 Years Parts / Optical / Mechanical, 1 Year Electrical
Manufacturer: Motic

Product Code: AE2000-BINOCULAR

Item Information

The AE2000 inverted microscope is the ideal instrument for routine live cell inspection. Superb optical quality can be expected from a brand new optical series of both brightfield and phase contrast lenses, following Moticīs CCIS Infinity optical system. Uniquely integrated features like the Auto cut-off mode and the optional available LED module are increasing its performance and flexibility.

One AE2000 inverted halogen binocular microscope, blue, green and neutral density filter, phase ring Ph1, centering telescope, centering keys and dust cover. (Reference Number 1100103800016)
  • Optical System: Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS)
  • Observation tube: Binocular head, 360° Swiveling
  • Interpupillary distance: 48-75mm
  • Inclination: 45š inclined
  • Eyepieces: N-WF10X/20mm with diopter adjustment, +/- 5 diopter
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece, left side orientated
  • Objective classification: Infinity Corrected CCIS Plan Achromat, DIN
  • Objectives: 4X/0.10 (WD 12.6mm), PH10X/0.25 (WD 4.1mm), LWD PH20X/0.30 (WD 4.7mm), LWD 40X/0.50 (WD 3.0mm)
  • Objective mounting thread: W 4/5" x 1/36" (RMS standard)
  • Stage: Plain stage with metal and glass stage inserts
  • Stage size: 200X239mm
  • Condenser: ELWD condenser N.A. 0.30 (WD = 72mm), with diaphragm and filter holder
  • Free Working Distance: Working distance without condenser 184mm
  • Focus mechanism: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment
  • Fine Focus precision: 2 ?m minimum increment
  • Z-axis movement: 8mm
  • Filter holder: On top of the illuminator with fixing cap
  • Illumination: 6V/30W Quartz Halogen illumination with intensity control
  • Transformer: External
  • Power supply: 100-240V (CE)
  • Dimensions: 556x218x496mm
  • Weight: 12,2kg (26.89lbs)
Motic AE2000 Inverted Binocular Microscope Specification

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