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Moticam Pro 205B
Moticam Pro 205B

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Price: $2,475.00
Sale Price: $2,460.00
Warranty: 5 Years Parts / Optical / Mechanical, 1 Year Electrical
Manufacturer: Motic

Product Code: MOTICAM-PRO-205B

Item Information

The Moticam Pro range consists of 12 feature rich options providing a large platform for high-quality digital microscopy. A Moticam Pro is a sensitive piece of equipment designed to deliver high-quality CCD based images and yet still be affordable and flexible enough for a large variety of applications. Choose from Colored / Monochrome and Standard / Peltier Cooled options.

The Moticam Pro marks an extension of Motic's Camera solutions from the affordable high resolution CMOS market to the scientific grade CCD range while still offering many choices. Whether your application calls for a Full Color 5.0MP camera for documentation or a Cooled Monochrome camera with 6.45 x 6.45 micron pixels for low light microscopy, there is a Moticam Pro available to meet your imaging requirements.

Within the simple yet efficient solid metal housing, sits technology designed in our own Canadian development labs. Using Sony's ICX range of sensors exclusively, the cameras are assembled and tested to the highest standards under Clean Room conditions in our own factories. Having invested time and resources into the development of the Moticam Pro range, Motic is now able to offer cameras ranging from High Resolution Color to High Sensitivity Cooled Monochrome Systems.

Motic's new range of CCD cameras are designed to be used as a valuable tool in the Digital Microscopy market and as a further step of our commitment to quality and a solution to the customer's needs.


What sets this camera apart from the rest is that the following is made available as part of the camera package:

  • Motic Images Advanced 3.2: Use the camera straight out of the box and start quantifying images or use the programs Z-stacking Multi Focus or Assembly features
  • Software Development Kit: Get immediate access to the camera's SDK and make it part of your own software
  • TWAIN: Use the camera with third party software using the popular TWAIN interface
  • DS Compatible: Make the camera a Direct Show compatible device and use it with an even larger variety of existing third party software
  • USB2.0 Plug & Play: Don't search for adaptors, use your laptops integrated USB2.0 for ultimate plug & play convenience
  • On board Frame Buffer: Utlize the cameras 4-frame buffer for faster and more consistent frame rates and customize the usage with the SDK package
  • On board Image Processing: Get the camera to do some pre-work; use the SDK to adjust and calculate the image before it gets to your computer, do application-specific white balance or color correction straight from the camera
  • External Trigger Port (TTL): Integrate the camera into an event-specific trigger algorithm; the Moticam Pro then becomes even more versatile
  • Schott BG-40 Filter: Using this filter allows the camera to pickup only the best nuances of color from the sample
One Moticam Pro 205B. (Reference Number 1100600100541)
  • C/CS mount scientific camera
  • ICX205AK 1/2" CCD Color Peltier Cooled
  • 1.4MP - 1360x1024 pixels with USB2.0 output
  • On-board 4-frame image buffer
  • TTL port
  • Pixel size 4,65 x 4,65
  • Moticam Pro software CD (Motic Images Plus 2.0, TWAIN, SDK)
  • Motic USB2 driver
  • Motic Images Advanced 3.2 with dongle and calibration slide
Moticam Pro Specifications

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