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TrippNT White PVC Small pH Meter Supplies Organizer
TrippNT White PVC Small pH Meter Supplies Organizer

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Price: $84.00
Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee with Normal Use
Manufacturer: TrippNT

Product Code: 50006

Item Information

This organizer, known as the pH Perch™, is a great way to store pH meter supplies. Keep buffers, probes, sample cups, squeeze bottles, waste beakers and wipers all together in one organizer. The pH Perch is compact. Its two shelf design creates high storage capacity with a small footprint. The open design and 6" deep shelves make it easy to get larger items in and out. Built-in wiper dispenser and six hole tool holder. Designed for easy pH adjustments, our small pH meter organizer has a large distance between shelves so it's easy for you to retrieve wash bottles, buffers and beakers. Made of resistant PVC, a strong and durable plastic, the easy-reach design keeps your solutions and supplies protected for safety and added efficiency. Our high-quality construction also features long-lasting solvent weld, while carefully designed compartments give you optimum convenience. Individually cleaned, inspected and bagged, the area around your pH Meter will impress your boss and amaze your coworkers when you clean up and use one of these organizers. It might not be an "Extreme Makeover" but it will be close. Our two-shelf benchtop organizer gives your lab a new look -benchtop stains will be a thing of the past —plus a place to put taller items like bottles of pH buffers, waste beakers, adjustment reagents and salts.

The shelves have a one inch safety lip, keeping supplies securely in their place, and each unit has multiple compartments to store spatulas, pens, pipets, weigh papers, sample cups other commonly used supplies for pH adjustments.

It even has a built-in tissue wiper dispenser (fits a small box of Kimwipes or Shurwipes) to make dabbing those expensive electrodes quick and easy. The distance between the shelves is bigger than our other personal work stations to make full room for 500mL wash bottles so often used for rinsing electrodes.

One TrippNT white PVC small pH meter supplies organizer.
  • 12x12x5 (WHD)
  • Brightens lab appearance with white PVC construction and gives lab a clean appearance
  • Creates order with compartments to store wash bottles, wipers, cups, pipets and buffers
  • Adds safety with one inch safety lip on every shelf to store items securely
  • Protects bench and prevents stains by containing leaks and drips
  • Encourages cleanliness and neatness by making it easy to put supplies away
  • Adds efficiency because tools are right at hand, ready to use
  • Saves money because expensive supplies are protected from spills
  • Keeps area around pH meter neat and clean
  • Built in wiper dispenser and tool holder

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