Charity Spotlight: Beehive International

Around the world and in our own communities, excellent charities work to benefit people in need. Globus Relief is proud to support more than 300 charities with supply and equipment donations, enabling them to run their hospitals, clinics, orphanages, refugee camps and other programs with greater efficiency and compassion.

The Beehive Foundation International is one of these excellent charities. Beehive has been distributing Globus Relief supply donations to the impoverished border communities such as Juarez, Mexico, since 1999.

Many clinics and hospitals, including more than 100 Mexican federal government facilities, have been served by The Beehive Foundation.

Many of the items Beehive distributes through its network of partners come from Globus Relief. Globus gathers medical equipment donations from hospitals and private practices around the U.S. After Globus staff and volunteers refurbish and prepare the supplies, they are shipped to Beehive’s warehouse operations, where volunteers help distribute them. These pictures show distribution of wheelchairs, hospital medical equipment, and food to shantytowns surrounding Juarez.

Almost 6,000 Beehive volunteers in Mexico and the United States help distribute more than 3,000,000 pounds of material aid each year! That’s more than 150 45-foot trailers of clothing, school equipment, hospital medical equipment, food, agricultural tools and garden seeds.

To learn how your organization can donate equipment to charity partners like Beehive International, contact Globus Relief today!


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