Our Happy Customers

"Thank you again so very much for your call today to inform me of the fact that I had over ordered supplies for the Bionet ECG machine. Some companies might be too lazy or just wouldn't care whether a miscommunication was at hand. YOUR company, however, was kind and honest and VERY helpful.

You have a customer in me for the life of my business! Please forward this email to the owners and supervisors to show my appreciation."

— Jayne Grint, Owner/CEO
Allied Nursing Continuing Education

"The stool makes all the difference in the world for my wife's back problems. Now she really enjoys cooking again and the stool height range is perfect for both her and me - and our cats. The chrome base and cylinder with the black seat match our kitchen decor perfectly. I have included a picture for you. Click here to view picture.

Your customer support is amazing and the best we have experienced in a long time from both brick and mortar stores and online, to say nothing of the excellent quality products you offer. Thank you for making our lives and cooking more enjoyable. Our only complaint may be that we are now going to be eating too much.

Thank you again."

— Steve & Jeannie Warner

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— Vincent Sauchelli

I just wanted to let you know that I got the centrifuge I ordered last week yesterday at 9PM - just in time for our flight to Africa! Thanks a lot for your effort, I really appreciate it! I will make sure I tell everyone that might be looking for something similar to consider your online store first! Thanks again!

— Best, Andraz

"Your customer service is exceptional! I got my scale today and I am very happy"

— Becky

"I have to honestly say that I have never been more impressed with an online purchase as much as I have with this one, from you.

It took me a while to research and choose which pulse oximeter I wanted to buy, then of course there were the myriad companies offering the Onyx to sort through.

I narrowed it down to the two companies I felt sounded the most reliable. I ended up choosing Source Medical because of your profile, your products, and because of the wording of your return policy. Most places have so much "double talk" and "back doors" inserted into their return policy statements, that they are almost impossible to understand. It is therefore obvious that there will be most likely be problems with a return. Returns, as you know, factor in greatly with an online purchase since the product cannot be examined before it is purchased and received.

I also was encouraged by the list of your clients. Furthermore, I was pleased that the oximeter I bought was one you recommended, which reinforced my choice of Onyx. Additionally, Source Medical went beyond what was expected. I opted for the free UPS ground shipping. The morning after my order, I realized how long it would take for the oximeter to get here via UPS ground and called your company to see if I could purchase expedited shipping. When I discovered that $40.00 would only get the oximeter here 3 days sooner, I decided to leave the shipping as free UPS ground. Much to my surprise, a few hours after my call I received an email stating that the product was being shipped USPS. It arrived a full two days earlier than the expedited shipping would have! I truly appreciated this, since my husband has severe Emphysema and our old oximeter had stopped working properly. To top things off, a free carrying case was thrown in!

I am very appreciative. I will recommend your company whenever possible to healthcare professionals I know.

Thank you so much,"

— Denise Holden

"Thank you Marianne, this is perfect, and thanks again for all your superior customer service. You have been a complete pleasure to work with.

Happy Easter!"

— Vickie

"I am very impressed with how quick and easy it is to assemble this stool. This has to be the easiest piece of furniture to assemble that I've ever seen. Thank you."

— Anthony C. May

"Now that things have calmed down a bit here, I wanted to give you some feedback on the chairs we ordered. We received the chairs as promised on July 5th in the morning. They assembled very quickly and easily. Once our crew saw them and had a chance to try them out, no one wanted to sit in our other chairs! The entire assembly crew loves your chairs and prefers them to our existing chairs. As you can see in the attached picture, the chairs that are empty are the old chairs. You can also see from the picture why getting the red material was critical. Our entire facility is red and grey. The timing was even more critical as our biggest customer asked us to increased our output (and thus headcount) by 3x and do so in 2 weeks. In order to do this, we needed chairs for people to sit in. Yours was the only company I contacted that was able to respond to my request quickly and deliver the product I wanted. I was impressed with you customer service and the quality of product you deliver.

Thank you again for your kind assistance with this project."

— Melissa Fontes

"After seeing and using them in person, in my opinion, Perch has the best chair for the money on the market today."

— Paul S.

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the customer service at Source Medical Equipment. From the first conversation with Marianne to the follow-up, I have felt confident that you would take good care of me. I will be sure to be in touch again when I need more supplies." Thank you,

— L. Hemingway, CMT

EveryBody's Massage

"You genuinely wanted me to be happy with my purchase and did everything you could to make it simple for me. Also, I originally got a price quote from an optical furniture design company that has supplied all of my other furniture. They wanted [much more] for 3 chairs made by the same manufacturer and it was going to take 2 to 4 weeks."

"They were flabbergasted when I told them [how much I saved] by going with your company and I got them in about a week. Thanks again, I am impressed!" "I’m going to let anyone I know who is going to buy office stools about you!"

— Lisa Newsome

"You, and everyone there, have been very kind and responding very efficiently to all of my requests. Thank you for all your effort. As I mentioned before, your kindness was of great help to me."

— Barbara Pereira

"First class customer service! Thanks guys for being so on the ball. And we love our new chairs!"

— J. Kenneth Stephan, DDS

"It was a pleasure doing business with you and Source Medical Equipment. I will definitely refer business to you and if the need arises, purchase more equipment from Source Medical Equipment in the future."

— Maureen Murray

"You guys did a great job. The Ultrasound is in excellent condition. Packing was superior. A first class job."

— Gerald, MD

"WOW - is that excellent service! Thank you so much!"

— Mindy, Santa Barbara, CA

"Thanks for all your help, It’s all about customer service, and YOU are doing an exquisite job. Thanks again."

— John, Photographer

"I will recommend your company to my esthetician and LMT friends. Thanks."

— Liz, Dermatologist

"Looks Great. Thanks for the Great Service."

— Joshua, Purchasing Agent

Thanks for the follow-up! My husband loves his chair-everything went great!

— Sandra, Missouri

"Service Above and Beyond. Thanks a million! You filled my order for a single chair and delivered in three days. I needed it quickly because I am a massage therapist and had broken my foot. I was expecting a 5 - 7 business days delivery which would have meant more than a week. However, this morning the UPS man was at my door with the chair. Your personal attention to my tiny order filled me with such joy this morning I think you have shortened my healing time by several days, probably a week. The endorphins are still rushing around my ankle, my leg, my head, my being and my home. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

— Arlene, Massage Therapist

"Thanks again, I was so happy with the stools that I ordered again from you."

— Mikel, Operations Manager, Urgent Care

"Thank you. You and your company have been a delight to deal with."

— D. Tharsing

"I've been using my new stool for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! I use it in my kitchen - at the desk and kitchen island. We have terazzo stone floors and the casters for hard floors work great without scratching. Thanks for a quality product and fast shipping time!"

— N. Grill, Ohio

"I received the check today. Thank you so much!

Please realize that dealing with companies now-a-days is getting harder and hard but I want to thank you for the excellent customer service you gave me. Not only were you professional in your manner, you were also understanding of the problem I was having and corrected it expediently.
Should you need a reference for anything, please feel free to contact me at your convenience."

— Dr. Mehta

"Thank you for the very nice service from the time i ordered my medical office stool to the time I recelved it. I love it!"

— Denise Murray, DNP, FNP-BC