Source Medical Equipment believes in giving back. That's why we support Globus Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing medical supplies and medical equipment to charity programs around the world. We encourage you to join us in donating surplus medical supplies and gently-used equipment to Globus Relief!

Globus Relief gathers surplus medical supplies & medical equipment from hospitals, private practices, distributors and manufacturers. They make the donation process easy and provides detailed reporting so donors can receive tax benefits for their contributions.

Globus Relief staff and volunteers test, sort, repair, and repackage items for shipment. This process saves an estimated $15 million worth of useable supplies from being discarded in landfills each year.

Supplies are shipped to a network of 300+ charity partners at work around the world. Each recipient charity is carefully screened to ensure donations are used efficiently to meet humanitarian needs.

These charities operate hospitals, clinics, refugee camps, orphanages, disaster relief, and community projects, and they need supplies to fulfill their missions. In many nations, obtaining basic medical supplies and medical equipment is extremely difficult, so doctors and nurses resort to unsafe practices (re-using latex gloves or plastic syringes) and many people go without healthcare. When put in the hands of responsible charities, the basic items routinely discarded in the American healthcare system can literally save lives.

Donated items are tracked from the donor to the ultimate recipient, so you know how and where your contribution was used to make a difference. We honor all donor restrictions on product (ex: no distribution inside the US or certain countries), and make a thorough report according to donors' needs.

Since 1996, Globus Relief has distributed more than $175 million dollars worth of aid to more than 300 charities at work in more than 100 countries.

Thank you for your consideration in helping Globus Relief and their charity partners recycle medical equipment to bring relief to people in need around the world!



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