Medical Stool and Chair Accessories: Arm Rests

Give it a rest.

There is no doubt that armrests chairs and stools play a pivotal role in providing added support and comfort for the sitter (the official term for one who sits). Studies have shown that armrests improve one’s posture, relieve the neck and shoulders from supporting the arm weight, and provide free movement of the forearms and hands while performing various tasks.

We provide two choices in the armrest category: fixed position loop armrests and 6-way adjustable armrests. Guess which one fits the ergonomic bill better? That's right, the adjustable one.

Fit the body and the task

Give yourself the ability, or give your employees or students the ability, to adjust the position of the armrests to fit the body in relation to the task. Our friends at OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) recommend that it’s important to adjust both the height and also the width of the armrest. Our armrest fit the bill and take it a step further:

  • Adjustable Height:
    Make sure that the height is high enough to take the weight of the arms, yet low enough that it doesn’t affect the natural position of the shoulders.
  • Adjustable Width:
    Make sure the armrests are wide enough to get in and out of the chair, yet narrow enough to keep the upper arms close to the body.
  • Adjustable Angling:
    Most armrests don’t do this; ours do. Make sure the armrests turn in at an angle that follows the natural angle

A Material World

The materials of the armrests play an important role in providing comfort too. It must be soft, yet firm without any hard or sharp edges.

Our armrests are constructed with ventilated self-skin polyurethane that has just the right give. They are also contoured to properly cradle the arm in place.

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