Tilt on the Medical Lab Chair

The tilt option is no slouch

Working for long periods of time while seated can be a pain in the neck but it doesn't have to be a pain in the back. We've all done the shift and twist and pivot and shift again dance in order to find a comfortable position while seated on a chiar.

The bottom line is that most chairs are built with the seat and back positioned at a 90 degree angle; the assumption being that people sit most productively and comfortably at a 90 degree angle. It's not True. And it's not new information.

Posture past. Posture present.

Back in 1953 J.J.Keegan, an American Orthopedic surgeon, determined that at natural resting position in terms of lower back angle in relation to the pelvis is similar to that of the sleeping position when you lie on your side.

Now, if we all worked in that position we'd be extremely comfortable but not much would get done. However, Danish physician A.C Mandal applied the concept of the natural resting position to sitting and seating.

In his article "Balanced Sitting Posture On Forward Sloping Seat," he says, "A sitting posture that approaches the natural resting position, is a more suitable position and allows the spine to carry the body weight in a more comfortable way. This is 'Balanced Seating,' the most suitable position for long periods of sitting."

He goes on to say that "Furniture should be designed to accommodate the natural resting position, in which opposing muscles are well balanced. The resulting posture will enhance the performance, efficiency and well being of employees."

Furniture forward

While design has not yet fully caught up to science, forward sloping seating or tilt seating is out there. You just have to know where to look. In terms of the Perch product lines we've included the option to add this type of tilt seating to our medical lab chairs, stools, task chairs, and industrial seating. For those acquiring seating for themselves, their workforce or their students tilt seating is truly is an important consideration in terms of overall comfort and consequently overall productivity.

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