360 adjustment ring - "dead" spot?

Inside the adjustment system, the bolt that presses the button to release the cylinder isn't out far enough. This can be adjusted by popping off top and adjusting the bolt just a bit. Not too much because it will then trigger the adjustment when one sits on it. The fit of the cylinder to the rest of the chair is a pressure fit. To remove the cylinder from the seat:

  • Lower seat all the way to its lowest height.
  • Flip chair/stool upside down.
  • Pick the chair/stool up by the cylinder and tap/hit the seat down using a rubber mallet. Be careful not to damage the seat or adjustment mechanism. It should fall away.

Inside the hole where the cylinder was inserted, there is a 10mm bolt.

  • Turn the bolt counterclockwise with a 10mm socket (about a half turn at first) so that it comes further out of the seat.
  • Replace the seat.
How to Remove a Cylinder
  Step 1: Turn the chair or stool upside down where the base of the chair with the wheels is facing the ceiling.

Step 2:
Grab the cylinder with one hand and hold it so the chair is slightly raised off of the table or floor. Then using a rubber mallet, hit the seat of the chair and/or the control of the chair. Do not worry about hitting it too hard; you will not hurt the chair. If needed, spray a little lubricant like WD-40 in the crack where the cylinder meets the seat.

Step 3:
Once the seat is removed from the cylinder, turn the base back over to where the wheels are facing the floor. Then, grasp the cylinder in one hand and hold the base slightly off of the table or floor and hit the legs of the base to release the pressure fit. Again, if needed, spray a little lubricant in the crack where the cylinder meets the base. This may take more effort depending on how long the chair has been in use.
Step 4: To replace the cylinder, place the replacement cylinder in the base and the seat on top of the cylinder, then sit on the chair carefully to engage the pressure fit.

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Replacing Casters or Glides
  Put the chair/stool on its side. Pull the old caster or glide out and pop the new one in. Repeat. No tools required.
Stool height will not adjust at all.
  On the top of the cylinder there is a little green button that when pressed, releases the cylinder so it can be adjusted up and down. There is a bolt in the underside of the seat in the adjustment mechanism that is NOT PRESSING THE BUTTON IN so it isn't releasing the cylinder for height adjustment. So...

1. Carefully remove the cylinder from the underside of the seat. When assembled, the cylinder is pressure fit into the adjustment control so it may take some "elbow grease" to remove it from the top.
1.a. Flip the stool upside down and hold the stool off the ground by the cylinder. With a rubber mallet (or a hammer but be sure to protect the metal of the adjustment control) carefully tap around on the underside of the seat. It may take a little time but the top will fall away from the cylinder.
2. Inside the center hole of the adjustment mechanism where the cylinder had been there is a bolt. Turn the bolt COUNTERCLOCKWISE (half a turn at first) to pull the bolt further out of the underside of the seat. This bolt should be out far enough to press the green button when you use the lever to adjust the height, but not so far out that it continually pushes in the green button without using the adjustment lever.

Put the cylinder back into the underside of the seat. Test and repeat if necessary.