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Cleanroom / ESD Chairs

Cleanroom and ESD Chairs for the Busy Professional

At Source Medical Equipment we understand the daily demands placed upon a professional working in cleanroom standards. We strive to provide quality, durable seating options that meet all the necessary cleanroom requirements without sacrificing design or comfort. For busy professionals, the time spent sitting in a chair should be the best, most relaxing moments of the day. Enhance your work setting with the best medical rolling cleanroom chairs in the industry by choosing the cleanroom approved and electrostatic discharge (ESD) chairs from Source Medical Equipment.

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  • Perch Cleanroom Chairs

  • Perch ESD Chairs

  • Perch Ergonomic Industrial Chairs in Chrome

Sleek, Quality Chairs

Our team of highly experienced specialists has thoroughly researched the ergonomics of cleanroom and ESD chairs and has selectively chosen to only partner with the very best brands. That means we offer only the highest-quality, comfortable cleanroom chairs in the sleekest designs meant to complement your workspace. We are incomparable to other cleanroom and ESD chair providers because we provide our customers with:

• Top of the line Cleanroom and ESD chairs
• The most comfortable seating options available
• The highest in quality and sustainability
• Sleek designs that are modern, contemporary and upscale

Multipurpose Chairs for any Setting

Source Medical Equipment is known throughout the healthcare industry for our durable and affordable cleanroom chairs and other medical equipment, but our products are so versatile that they can be used in almost any setting. While these chairs are specifically manufactured to meet cleanroom and ESD standards, they are designed to fit comfortably in any setting, industrial or not. Consider purchasing one of these rolling Perch chairs for a supportive, satisfying, and stylish addition to your office or home. Not only can it increase productivity, but it also ensures everyone’s comfort and satisfaction.

Making it Easy For You
At Source Medical Equipment it is our goal to make ordering medical equipment as easy as possible. We accomplish this through open and honest communication, focused service, and quality products. Give us a call today at 1-800-350-8875 to order our top of the line cleanroom and ESD chairs.