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Ergonomic Chairs

At Source Medical Equipment, we know that your choice of medical equipment, can affect the health of your employees and the overall efficiency of your workplace, which is why we offer a top selection of ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic industrial chairs that are sure to boost productivity and comfort.

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  • Perch Multi-Task Office Chairs with Adjustable Armrests

  • Perch Lab Chairs

  • Perch ESD Chairs

  • Perch Ergonomic Industrial Chairs

Improve the Health & Output of Your Medical Office

Our ergonomic office chairs can make a significant difference in the health of employees who spend a large part of the day sitting or perching. Our ergonomic industrial chairs can improve posture, reducing tension on the spine and preventing agitating neck or back pain.

Our ergonomic chairs can also boost blood flow, making it easier for blood to return to the heart from the lower extremities. Better circulation can make your employees feel more awake and alert, increasing productivity throughout the day. Ergonomic industrial chairs can also enhance worker comfort, improving individual moods and the overall work environment.

Our Ergonomic Stools & Chairs Will Match Any Workplace Setting

At Source Medical Equipment, we carry ergonomic medical and office chairs of various styles and colors to match any setting. We stock chairs in all of the following categories:

  • Basic laboratory chairs
  • High back laboratory chairs

We carry chairs from leading brands such as ECD, Perch Chairs & Stools, and Brewer in a variety of sizes. Our adjustable armrest chairs can easily accommodate the needs of each of your employees, and our sleek designs ensure that our chairs fit in any workspace.

Discover What Makes our Medical Chairs Different

We always strive to produce quality products while keeping our prices low. We represent every product as accurately as possible so that you can place your orders with confidence. As a smaller business, we take pride in making good customer service our priority.

If you’re ready to place an order with Source Medical Equipment or want to learn more about our ergonomic office chairs, please contact us online or call us at 800-350-8875.