Secrets to Finding the Best Seat

On an average, most people spend four to ten hours sitting on a chair, be it at work or home. What most people fail to realize is that sitting for prolonged periods causes more injuries to the body than standing. While sitting, the pressure of supporting the body is uneven along the spine. The brunt of this pressure is received by the lumbar portion of the spine and causes it to stiffen due to decreased blood circulation.

When buying home or office furniture, you should choose it carefully as it involves a balance between aesthetic value and the optimum level of physical comfort. The furniture must offer you a comfortable working posture that reduces the possibilities of injuries. Wooden seating for example would not provide you flexibility in long work hours, since it is rigid and hard. Hence it is recommended that you consider a padded stool or chair equipped with a footrest and/or backrest support to keep your body fit and strain-free. But purchasing the best quality product requires some homework. To help ensure you are buying the best Perch possible, it is highly recommended that you follow the following tips.

  • The stool or chair must be built with heavy-duty hardwood, fire retardant, and commercial grade fabrics and vinyl.

  • It must be equipped with an adjustment lever or 360 degree adjustment ring to allow the user to adjust the height of the stool while in a seated position.
  • For long hours in a seated position, try to find one that has a fully adjustable backrest in order to relieve or avoid back-strain.
  • It should assist you in maintaining upright posture by coordinating the back, shoulders and neck to relieve strain on the lumbar muscles.
  • Use a chair or stool that has a pneumatic cylinder in order to easily vary the height of the stool during use. Such stools are ideal for multiple users as each individual can quickly and easily adjust the height to fit your personal needs.
  • You must choose one that provides maximum comfort and keeps you awake and alert while working.

However, buying even the best designed Perch and the most expensive of ergonomic chairs would be useless if the people using them do not sit on them correctly. Besides using ergonomic chairs, a few minor adjustments to a person’s sitting habits will greatly reduce the cumulative damages that prolonged sitting can do to the spine.

By choosing the best quality stool or chair, you will help reduce stress and eliminate many potential injuries associated with the overuse of muscles, bad posture, and repetitive tasks. Order your favorite Perch chair or stool now and take a positive step toward improving your work and your work environment whatever and wherever it may be.

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