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Industrial / Polyurethane Stools

Stools may be one of the most overlooked items of furniture in your medical office or facility. Still, these furnishings play a crucial role in keeping you and your workers comfortable and minimizing wasted space. At Source Medical Equipment, we recognize the importance of using only the best medical equipment. We offer a wide range of high-quality, polyurethane exam stools for doctors and labs to suit the needs of most healthcare providers. Browse our selection of industrial stools for sale below.

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  • Perch Polyurethane Work Stools

  • Perch Polyurethane Lab Work Stools

  • Perch Polyurethane Industrial Stools

  • Perch Saddle Stools

  • Perch Sit Stands

  • Perch Gyroscope Fixed Footrest Stool

We Carry an Extensive Selection of Medical Stools

We carry various lab stools from leading brands such as Perch Chairs & Stools and Brewer. We offer a number of distinct styles, from the minimalistic to the more luxurious, including:
  • Lab work stools
  • Industrial stools
  • Sit stands
We offer our medical stools in various styles and sizes to meet your needs in terms of space and budget. All of our stools offer an excellent range of motion, so they can be easily used in almost any setting.

Stools & Chairs Built to Last

You can expect durability and strength from all of the polyurethane exam stools we carry. We only work with premium materials that can stand the test of time to maintain an attractive appearance and full functionality. Though the typical medical or laboratory setting offers a carefully controlled environment, our polyurethane exam stools are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and other harsh settings.

Fair Pricing on All our Medical & Lab Stools

We pass on cost savings to our customers whenever we can. We charge a reasonable rate for all of our stools, and we offer free shipping for any order shipped within the contiguous United States. We even offer free returns in case the product you order is not exactly what you expected. Despite our emphasis on economical pricing, we also promise speedy order processing and delivery services.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our laboratory stools or our full range of medical products, please get in touch with Source Medical Equipment today. You can call us at 800-350-8875 or use our online form to contact us.