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Laboratory Stools

Get Quality Lab Stools at Unbeatable Prices

Whether you sit on a single lab stool all day, or you spend your time moving from one stool to another, you need quality rolling work stools that are designed to be ergonomic. While you work hard to take care of others, we are watching out for you. Choosing lab stools that improve your comfort, will allow you to do your job even better.

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  • Perch Life Pneumatic Stools

  • Perch Stella Medical Rolling Stools

  • Perch Polyurethane Work Stools

  • Perch Single Lever Swivel Stools

  • Perch 360-Ring Massage Therapy Swivel Stools

  • Perch Polyurethane Industrial Stools

  • Perch Polyurethane Lab Work Stools

  • Perch Dental Stools with Procedure Arm

  • Perch Wood Pneumatic Stools

  • Perch Retro Stools

  • Perch Walter Doctor Stools

  • Perch Walter with Basic Backrest Exam Stools

  • Perch Gyroscope Fixed Footrest Stools

We Sell the Top Brands

Lab stools are not all the same. We sell the top brands of everything from rolling medical work stools to industrial stools, because we want you to get the most out of your investment. When you buy from us, you get products known for their quality and their affordable prices. Do not risk spending money on an unknown brand that may fall apart after a year. Our affordable, quality stools hold up under constant use for a long time. Some of our top-selling brands include:

  • Perch
  • Hassoc
  • Brewer

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